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Explore this page for tools and helpful information to support you and your patients on the HIV-associated wasting journey.

Videos & downloads

Pathogenesis of Wasting

This video takes you inside the human body to learn more about why HIV-associated wasting may occur.

Metabolic Changes

Learn about how potential shifts in metabolism with HIV-associated wasting can impact the body.

Endocrine Dysfunction

Discover information about the potential relationship between endocrine dysfunction and HIV-associated wasting symptoms.

Immune Dysregulation

This video reviews the impact HIV-associated wasting can have on the immune system.

Gastrointestinal Changes

What resources are there about HIV-associated wasting

Conversation Starters

Use this downloadable list of questions to engage your patients in a dialogue about unintentional weight loss and lower energy levels.

Clinical Update

Learn about the prevalence of HIV-associated wasting in the United States through Real-world Evidence.

Real-world Evidence Data Deck

This Data Deck distills the real-world evidence from the Clinical Update into a different format.

Real-world Evidence for
Real-world Providers

If you’re not sure how or when to talk to your healthcare provider (HCP) about HIV-associated wasting, view these questions to help initiate a discussion.

Siddiqui AIDS 2022 Reprint

This peer-reviewed reprinted article explores the prevalence of HIV-associated wasting in the United States.

The causes of HIV-associated wasting are complicated and multifactorial. Learn more about the pathogenesis of this syndrome.

See the current treatment options available for HIV-associated wasting.

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Learn more about a specific treatment option for HIV-associated wasting.