Your patients may experience wasting even when their HIV virus is controlled1,2

Despite viral suppression, patients with HIV may suffer from unintentional weight loss, loss of lean body mass, and loss of physical endurance. These symptoms are hallmarks of HIV-associated wasting.2,3

Use this site to explore some information about diagnosing and treating HIV-associated wasting (HIVW), as well as its underlying causes.

Diagnosing Patients

Diagnosing HIV-associated wasting properly means you need a complete picture of all the symptoms your patients are experiencing. Use our patient profiles to have a productive conversation with your patients.

Pathogenesis of Wasting

Like the disease itself, the causes of HIV-associated wasting are complicated and multifactorial. Learn more about the pathogenesis of this syndrome.1

Treatment Landscape

See the current options for treatment as well as nutrition and exercise recommendations for your patients.

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